Time estimate on projects

Example of Task times

A three page scanned PDF of approximately 1500 words will take an hour to copy type.
A six page article of 2000 words with extensive formatting (bullets, tables etc.) will take approximately 2 hours.
A 15 minute audio recording will take approximately one hour to transcribe.
An hour of audio will take 4-6 hours depending on quality, accents, technical content, and the number of speakers.
A research task to collect the contact details of 50 businesses will take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.
Proofreading of a 1500 word article or newsletter will take approximately half an hour. (Proofreading only, not full editing.) Basic proofreading a 7000-10000 word report or paper will take approximately two hours.
Advanced editing of a 1000 word article or intro letter will take an hour.
A one page, 600 word article will take approximately one hour to research, write and proofread.