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What We Offer

Below are some of our service offerings.

Word Forward specialises in proofreading and editing

We offer three levels of editing: light, medium, and heavy. 

Web content 

Content on your website needs to captivate the viewer and stop them hitting the 'next' button. Word Forward can help you present clear, concise information through blog posts and articles.

 Can be tailored for email or traditional format across a variety of genres to suit blogs, business communication or community groups.

Effective PowerPoint presentations for all your business needs - conferences, sales, inductions. Presentations can incorporate graphs, flow-charts and technical drawings.

Manuals ; Training Guides 

Ensure your team are all on the same page by providing clear, effective guides. Manuals can incorporate graphs, flow-charts and technical drawings for more efficient information distribution.

Need quality, reliable information on local buyers or marketing avenues? Researching for content or contact details, Word Forward do things the old-fashioned way - we don't rely on suspect web pages for secondhand information, we aim to cite from the source.
Meeting minutes, interviews, focus groups, lecture notes, memoirs, great-grandma Flo's town famous recipes - typed fast and returned in a format to suit your needs. Both digital and standard cassette recordings can be accommodated. Most digital formats are accepted including mp3, wav, ogg, DSS and wma. Large or confidential files can be uploaded / downloaded using our file transfer service.  Spreadsheets, charts and graphs  More than making numbers look pretty - Word Forward also uses Microsoft Excel to calculate, formulate, consolidate and review.